medium format black and white photography

 I have spent a large part of my life engaged with the wonder and beauty of nature.  As a photographer and mother living in Northern California and South Dakota, my love of travel takes me to remote places to photograph vast landscapes and their details.  I seek vistas and natural features that open my sense of both the inner and the outer world.  The images I create are about the beauty of what is, right now, despite its temporal nature, despite our changing world.  Finding beauty is an antidote to, not a denial of,  the changes occurring.   Being in the majesty of these landscapes, it is easy to perceive them as eternal and unchanging, but there is no denying how endangered they are.  Through my work I choose to celebrate these places.  Using black and white film allows me to capture the timelessness that I see in landscapes:  an essence and vastness that transcends culture, place and time.  I shoot with medium format cameras and film.  My photographs are darkroom printed and toned.